Success Stories

Susan was working a full time production job when she injured her hand and was placed on temporary disability. While she was off work, she volunteered at a local food pantry. Being engaged with the public and having a variety of tasks to do each day reminded Susan of her previous job in retail. She left that job seeking a higher paying position at the production plant but now felt like she’d short changed her career.

ESC partners were able to provide Susan with coaching that helped her define her working goals. She received guidance for how to exit her current job and retain a positive recommendation; she got help updating her resume; she explored education opportunities and reconnected with former supervisors to add to her references. Within a month Susan had attended a job fair, applied to a handful of jobs, received two interviews and two job offers. She made clear to her new employer that she is looking for a long term career and she anticipates returning to school within the next year. ESC coaching gave her the confidence to set goals and map out the steps she needed to take to reach those goals. Although she is not yet working at her ‘dream job’ she has a much better focus and is willing to put in the effort to move into a stable, fulfilling career.

Sam was a learner with the Literacy Center of West Michigan in our ESL classes. He had previously worked for a meat processing facility for about 20 years, but was laid off. While at the Literacy Center, he was working at a manufacturing company but hoping to get back into his field. When an opportunity came up at another facility, he wanted to apply but lacked the confidence and job application skills.

Through the ESC, we connected him to the Women’s Resource Center. They helped him create a solid resume and cover letter, fill out the application, and practice interviewing. He applied, interviewed, and got the job! Sam has reported that he had just completed one year at his new job. During that time, he met the president of the company, who said he could learn from Sam because of his extensive experience. Sam also received a raise from approximately $14/hour to approximately $18/hour.