About ESC

In July 2014, we collectively began work to layout the framework to ‘unpack’ our traditional workforce development services and transition to a human-centered system of serving families striving to succeed in school, work and life. This Human Centered Design transition pushed our collaborative organizations into some very organic change— specifically, to refocus on people, root cause conditions, and situations. We drew up personas, conducted stakeholder interviews, inventoried our service matrix and holed up over 20 hours to hone this Income Strategic solution plan.

Building collaborative synergy can be tricky— organizations have to want to play together. Our collaboration tenets are based on mutual: respect, integrity, teamwork, accountability, honesty and relationships.

Employer alliances, educational partnerships and community-wide engagement are weaved into our collaborative framework. The United Way ALICE Thresholds for Kent County are key to establishing our collaborative goals, outcomes and measurements

Using a holistic approach the ESC partners coordinate services across community organizations, providing individuals and families tools to move toward sustained financial stability.

Key aspects include:

  • Resource Navigation, incorporating warm-introductions, ensuring individuals and families are supported as they work with multiple organizations to address multiple needs
  • Inter-agency case conferencing
  • Shared database of participant information and progress
  • Employment connections
  • Assisting with with career advancement that includes job-relevant training and credentialing
  • Career coaching and much more. Check out our resource page for more info.